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" Telemarketing Locally and Nationally Since 1992 "

*desk phone: 860-888-9532 
TELEMARKETING: ED'S SURVEY SERVICE telemarketing Call Center provides the Telemarketing Advantage for your business, company, corporation, enterprise professional practice, etc., by capturing new customers and clients via our cold call appointment setting and lead generation campaigns. ED'S SURVEY SERVICE Telemarketing operates 17 hours-a-day, five days-a-week, enabling us to reach your target audience anywhere in the United States and Canada; ED'S SURVEY SERVICE Telemarketing Center has a proven track record of successful telemarketing campaigns for twenty two years now!  At ED'S SURVEY SERVICE our market research department will compile a potential customer- calling list of Verifiable Sales Leads and future Live Sales Appointments: and then diligently cold call them! Appointment Setting is our main goal: where our telemarketers will book your sales appointment calendar FULL!
Outbound telemarketing uses professional telemarketing agents to call businesses and consumers to discuss your promotions. Automated telemarketing services such as broadcast messaging provide a cost-effective service option for long term or short term telemarketing campaigns.Automated telemarketing options can also be combined with interactive voice technology and live telemarketing representative services to provide your audience with a way to take immediate action, make an appointment or purchase a product.
       " If your business or organization has hired other telemarketing service providers, then you're familiar with the lackluster performance that most telemarketing services deliver. Of the thousands of telemarketing services doing business in the United States, very few of these companies understand that to achieve success for their clients' accounts, they must hire professional telemarketers who exhibit exceptional sales experience and business savvy. Most telemarketing services fail at this task. Your campaigns are jammed into formulaic telemarketing service packages. Your great products and ideas, and your good name are represented by poorly trained telemarketers. The telemarketing services industry has created an impersonal factory that produces inferior products, services, and agents.  "
     ED'S SURVEY SERVICE understands that your business or organization needs a personalized telemarketing services campaign solution that will deliver the results that you want to see. Cookie-cutter solutions usually fail to produce the results that your company wants to realize as a result of your decision to hire a telemarketing service. Our account managers will customize your campaign and your scripts, and help you develop a well-integrated combination of telemarketing services that will deliver successful, profitable results. We are pleased to share our 21 years of innovative leadership experience in the telemarketing services and call center industry with our clients.
     Time-tested sales skills combined with innovative technology create telemarketing service solutions with a unique advantage over our competition. We offer a full range of live telemarketer services which completes a seamless " conveyer belt " of cold calling; appointment setting, lead generation, emailed lead sheets, follow-up calling and subsequent closing of the sale- whether the enterprise is a home improvement company, insurance agency, chiropractic office, business opportunity program, roofing firm, community newspaper-subscription dept., etc., etc.
Ed's Survey Service
" Telemarketing Locally and Nationally Since 1992 "
*desk phone: 860-888-9532
Ed Kinon, M.D.M.- director
{ Master of Direct Marketing degree }
Hartford, Connecticut